About us:

The company specializes in Software Business Solutions - development of industry-specific software products
for transportation and forwarding activities ,liner agents ,customs brokers and foreign traders.

The process of development was perfected in our company.We use only professional tools for creating programs as well as advanced system manage projects and work with customers : Jira, DevExpress, MS Visual Studio, MS Team Foundation, MS SQL Server, AxoSoft Scrum Software, ApexSQL Suit, etc.

> Dt 6000 a month.
600automated places.
9 years working.
20updates on a monthly basis.

The problems that solves LogiSmart.

These issues are the most frequent to transportation companies.

The complexity of the internal investigation
in identifying the causes of failure ,negative customer feedback, etc.
Complexity of production
reporting and Analytics.
in planning
the work of individual employees and entire departments
the work of individual employees and entire departments
The high cost
of demurrage and warehousing
A lot of time is spent
on smaller tasks (sending instructions, receiving reports, updating contacts, request the location of the cargo).
The high costs
of personnel
and management.
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Our best argument is practice in numbers !


The costs of demurrage,storage,detense.
-10 %
The costs of secure and information exchange.
-20 %
The costs of quality and speed of document exchange.
-20 %

Increase :

Speed alert customers.
+ 60 %
The secure exchange of information.
+ 50 %
The quality and speed of information exchange.
+ 70 %

Indicators and results:

A real example of calculation of economic efficiency from introduction of the program 30 jobs.
Potential economic impact:
3 hours a day
Total release time (client service Department).
3 hours a day
Total release time (sales)
500 cont./month
Current output (client service Department).
37 % (3 hours / 8 hours)
The percentage of release time (client service Department)
685 cont. / month (+37%)
Performance increase
$ 40 / container
The average net profit from the container
7400 / month
The increase in profit in usd
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Customer reviews

Our gratitude to the company Software Business Solutions" for effective implementation of the program LogiSmart ,which greatly automated the work of our operating divisions and helped to simplify the reporting system of the company.

Wish success ,prosperity and hope for further mutually beneficial development of our partnership.

Hellmann East Europe
Генеральный директор

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