About solution

About the LogiSmart application

7 reasons to choose a LogiSmart application:

It fully adapts to specific features of employees' interactions for each customer;
"New products and modules are produced annually (Web client, mobile application,E-flow, knowledge base, etc);
The program can be synchronized for most electronic formats in both directions and on a permanent automatic basis;
The program takes into account the interests of the owner and most of the company's units;
Having the maximum set of functions, the implementation period does not exceed six months;
The program is being upgraded every month to meet new technologies;
"The application has the lowest price (all the applications that need to be purchased to implement the volume of the LogiSmart functions are calculated.);
  1. It eliminates routine operations,
    errors, and repetitive data;
  2. The program saves time
    for addressing main tasks;
  3. It saves company's material
  4. The program reduces the number
    of conflict situations between employees;
  5. It enhances
    the competitiveness of a company;

Benefits for heads of companies:

Everything is under control and "at hand", everything is under automatic control;
Tracking and logging each user activity in the application;
Motivates users to perform their duties correctly and unfailingly;
The ability to send automatic e-mail notifications (about problem situations);
Developing financial, managerial and statistical records;

Benefits for IT department:

Two-factor authorization system, database encryption ability;
Built-in tools to quickly change the layout and content of on-screen forms;
Your own convenient Report Designer;
Easy system for administration,allocation of access rights to any function;
The ability to run the application in terminal mode;
To all the benefits

Benefits for Financial department:

Preliminary automatic calculation of costs for each container, including demerge, storage, detention;
Maintain price lists for services (both your own and counterparts’ price lists);
The possibility to combine, export/import financial information and the database of your counterparts using the 1C accounting system;
Receiving orders for payment through the application;
View receivables, turnover-balance statements by customer and vendor in any currencies;
The possibility of holding management accounting with a separate balance for separate branches of the company;
Automatic loading of exchange rates from the web-site of the Central Bank;
To all the benefits

Benefits for the Customs clearance department:

Cargo Customs Declaration accounting with automatic loading into the general base from the transaction systems (Sigma, TKS, STM, Alta-Soft systems);
Tools for the analysis of price customs databases;
Making and formalizing customs documentation package;
Customs card credit planning, customs balances accounting;
To all the benefits

Benefits for logistics and forwarding division;

Control of all stages of shipping and processing of all types of cargo (container, general, consolidated goods, etc.);
Registration and monitoring of shipments by any mode: water, auto, air and rail transport;
Goods insurance, orders’ making and accounting;
Accounting and making of bookings and instructions for bills of lading;
Making a complete set of shipping documents through the application;
Accounting for multimodal shipments and maintenance of vehicle databases;
To all the benefits

Benefits for the Customer Services department:

Maintaining balance and accounts with customers, printing accounts and reconcilements;
The ability to receive customers' orders via the Internet or via an Excel form with automatic loading into the application;
Planning profit on orders
The ability to configure notifications for events with their shipments;
Each manager can see only his/her shipments, orders, invoices;
Automatic staff replacement during their paid leave;
To all the benefits

Benefits for Sales department:

CRM Module (Customer Relationship System);
Integration with IP telephony, Skype, e-mail;
Quick accounting for all customer relationships;
Analyzing planned sales;
Maintaining the entire history of customers' development;
Automatically generated printed forms of commercial offers;
Automated transfer of a new client
To all the benefits

Evaluate the wide range of advanced features:

Generating printed forms, specified in the application;
A module for existing business processes automation that sends tasks to the calendars of all the listed performers;
Automatic rating of local charges, downtime, demerges and other contractual obligations;
Automatic provision of data, stored on the shoreline web-sites regarding container location (tracking);
Automatic downloading of events and documents from the Rolis system;
Automatic provision of data, stored on the shoreline web-sites regarding container location (tracking);
Advance payments planning;
Making any transport scheme detailing all stages, timing, cost, counterparties and performers;
Audit function to track changes has been introduced;
Mobile version of the application;
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