About the company

About the company

The company specializes in Software Business Solutions" - development of industry-specific software products for transportation
and forwarding activities ,liner agents ,customs .

The process of development was perfected in our company.We use only professional tools for creating programs as well as advanced system manage projects and work with customers : Jira,Devepress, MS Visial Studio MS Team Foundation, MS SQL Server, AxoSoft Scrum Software, ApexSQL Suit, etc.

Company's history

Modernization of the application for retailers’ purposes.
Development of special features for consolidated goods.
Changing the basic architecture of the application to a process approach.
A pilot version of the mobile application has been developed.
The CRM module has been developed.
A tool for building and automating business processes has been developed and implemented.
The application's business product programmers are transferred to a separate unit.
A web portal for customers to work with their counterparts through personal account on the counteragent website is added.
A mechanism has been developed for printed forms printing (commercial documents, shipping documents, accounting documents and others).
Start selling services for effective application implementation.
A module has been implemented to synchronize data with the 1C products.
The Finance module has been implemented.
A module has been introduced to account Goods Declarations and load them automatically into the common base from the transaction systems (Sigma, TKS, STM, Alta-Soft systems).
Development of a freight forwarding module.
>Dt 6000a month.
600automated places.
9years working.
20updates on a monthly basis.

Why is LogiSmart better than alternative applications?

Specialized programs.

Optimal solution!

Good quality applications are frequent,no time
for experiments!

LogiSmart is one of the few applications that solve most tasks, saving your money, time, nerves ...

Excel and Acess

Outdated approach
Reduced functionality mode for being used by more than one person at a time.
Low security level.

1C-based solutions

High cost of adaptation to a separate company.
Complexity of configuration and administration.
Lack of qualified development tools.
Turns to be out of date with the release of a new version of the software.

Handmade programs.

Too long to develop.
High price.
The need to maintain the necessary specialists as the company's staff.
Development is limited to one company.
There is no competition for programmers.
Ask for a demonstration and we'll show LogiSmart in action ,revealing all the features and benefits that will get your company after implementation!.
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